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Hand carved Fossil Walrus Ivory Frog

Fossil Walrus Ivory, Tiger's Eye

by Jerry Witten
Hand carved Fossil Walrus Ivory Frog
by Jerry Witten

Call for pricing and availability
Canoe by Jamie Daniels

Older piece w/ paddles
Inupiaq Sealskin Kayak

baleen harpoon tip
Hummingbird Totem by Ed Raub —Makah
Salmon Eggs on a Bentwood Box

by Ed Raub — Makah
Rare Red Coral from Medeterranian
Moss Agate Designer Earrings
Golden Geode Earrings
Silver Geode Earrings
Marvelous Art Pendant

Yellowstone River agate
Pyrite Fossil Ammonite Pendant

set in silver
Ellensburg Blue Agate Ring

10k Gold
Picture Agate Sterling Pendant
Dendrite Flower Agate
Burmese Jade Quan Yin Pendant
Rutilated Quartz Pendant
Rutilated Quartz Pendant
Old Arabic Filigree Silver Broach
Sun Paddle by Doug Horne

Western Red Cedar
Tuxwid Warrior Puppet Box

by Gary Starr, Kwakwaka'wakw

Red cedar, cedar bark
Lapis Lazuli Owls

call for pricing
Native Jewelry Box

Artist unknown
Tremendous Turquoise
Soapstone Arctic Grayling

by Chuck Poupart
Speaker Staff by Ed Raub, Makah
Fossil Mammoth Ivory Pendant
Old Natural Jade & Pearl Set

necklace & earrings
Fossil Walrus Ivory Set

pendant & earrings
Tipi Dream Catcher

by Jerry Whitten
Hopi Kachina Doll Set

Yellow Corn Maiden & Cactus Maiden

by Leonard Taho
Hummingbird Totem by Ed Raub, Makah

by Ed Raub, Makah
Basket Maker Knife

TV Screen blade
Roman Coin & Silver Pendant
Agate Bowl
Lucky Jade Mouse
Jade Bracelet
White Jade Bangle
Natural Jade Set
Multicolor Carved Jade Pendant
Quan Yin Pendnat
Lavender Jade Butterfly
Old China Jade
Jade Buddha
Old China Jade
Old Jade Bracelet
Vintage Lock
Old Chinese carved wood plaque

Traditional Chinese Fu Dogs


carved white marble
Carved sandstone museum replica


Carved sandstone from Angkor Wat, Cambodia
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